Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Why am I starting yet another blog?
I have two others that have been active for a few years – aren’t they enough?

Links to those blogs can be found in the side bar, and each serves a specific purpose.

The first “ONESIMUS FILES” provides an outlet for ideas and discussion relating to theological issues. The other “WHERE THE BLOGS HAVE NO NAME” started as a site for more “arts” related matters, but it soon changed when other things started to take priority in my life. It became dominated by my move to the country and attempts to convert my new garden into something more attractive and productive.

I have now decided that I’d like to regain a focus on “arts” (literature in particular) and so I’ve created this new blog to give that focus its own designated outlet.

Some background reasons for the making of this choice can be found here:

Autobiographical Musings

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